Chef’s salad

This feast of a salad comes with leaf and iceberg lettuce, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, ham and turkey, and cheddar cheese. There are three choices of dressing, ranch, balsamic and Italian. you can also add grilled chicken, bacon, or blue cheese dressing. 청상추, 양상추, 양파, 피망, 토마토, 오이, 햄, 터키슬라이스, 블랙올리브, 체다치즈로 Read more about Chef’s salad[…]

Caesar Salad

Our Caesar salad is made with fresh leaf lettuce, in-house croutons and vegetarian dressing.  Add to the great taste by adding grilled chicken, or bacon, or black olives. 청상추와 크루통 시저드레싱으로 맛을낸 샐러드. *모든 샐러드에 그릴드 치킨, 베이컨, 블랙 올리브 추가가능*  

Gringo Burger

This spicy little burger is sure to set your mouth on fire with hot pepper jack cheese, Jalapenos and hot sauce. Like all burgers and sandwiches, it comes with a choice of fries, onion rings, or salad. 그릴에 구운 소고기 패티 위에 바삭한 베이컨과 매콤한 페퍼 잭 치즈 ,할라피뇨, 핫소스로 마무리한 버거입니다. 입맛을 사로잡는 매콤한 맛을 Read more about Gringo Burger[…]

Sailor Jerry Rum

 Sailor Jerry rum, one of the best spiced rums, has finally made it to Korea. Now available at the First Alleyway. Come on in and give it a try. 향이 강한 럼 중 하나인 세일러 제리 럼이 드디어 한국에 도착했습니다. 세일러 제리 럼은 천연 향료를 블렌딩해 균형 잡힌 바닐라, 토피의 달콤한 향과 스파이시한 계피향이 풍성하게 Read more about Sailor Jerry Rum[…]